Swap Meet

Announcing the 4th Annual BAK-ANIME SWAP MEET!

This will take place at 6:00pm and run for 1 1/2 hours. For the fans who want to sell off a few things to other fans, and to discover new things as a fan!

Simple Rules:

1- You must be a “Fan” to participate. No Vendors allowed.

2- Each Space will cost only $8.00 and will be 5 X 4 feet in size.

3- You may sell anything Anime, Comic, or Manga related…No Adult Material allowed.

4- You MUST register in advance for a space.

5- Spaces go sale October 21st.

This is a fun event meant to help fans clean out their closets, or find some cool stuff. This is not for any exhibitors to sell more stuff to you, its for the fans to bond and have fun…

To register for a space, please email us at SWAP MEET and remember to put “Swap Meet” in the title. Also, please send us your Name/Phone/Email, and we will confirm you are in the Swap Meet (NO PROFESSIONAL EXHIBITORS ALLOWED).