Video Game Schedule

“ProLab Gaming will be at Bak-Anime again this year! We will have our gaming setups (DDR included), as well as fighting games like Super Smash Bros U (with adapters), Skullgirls, and Ultra Street Fighter IV! We will also have a raffle for signed copies of the Ultra Street Fighter IV Bible and a signed copy of Ultra Street Fighter IV. Raffle tickets will be $1.25 each, or 5 for $5. Here is our schedule of events:


10am – Open doors
12pm – Start sign-ups for all games
3pm – Marvel/Smash U Singles start
5pm – Ultra Street Fighter IV Start (To top 8)
6pm – Smash U Doubles/Skullgirls start (Skullgirls to top 8)


10am – Open doors
11pm – Skullgirls Top 8
1pm – Ultra Street Fighter IV Top 8
3pm – Raffle”